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ePCR by Inspiring Apps Performance

Performance issues / Login Issues encountered on a daily basis with Inspiring Apps ePCR app for iPad.

PCR Android App

Prudential Carruthers Realtors introduces its new Android app available now in the Android Market. Just search "Carruthers".

AIM Online EMS Workflow: Dispatch, ePCR, Billing & Billing Services

Harness the Power of Online EMS Workflow in the Cloud.

Medic Clipboard ePCR iPad App

The Saritasa team worked with Digital EMS Solutions, Inc. to develop an ePCR software and application system for first responders to use in the field that ...

COMMAND iPad PCR by Mobius eXchange

e-PCRs, simple, fast, customized. An e-PCR made by a medic for medics. e-PCR, COMMAND by Mobius eXchange. It's more than an e-PCR.

TabletPCR Run Information 2

Collectronix - No Cost Mobile e-PCR Solution Based on the iPad Platform

Collectronix is a no upfront cost mobile e-PCR solution from Global Statement. Based on the Apple iPad platform, ePCR data can be securely transferred without ...

Patient Log EMR App for iPhone and iPad

Here is a quick demo and instructional video on the new version of Patient Log. Patient Log is an Electronic Medical Record management application for iOS.

Live demo of MEDIVIEW speech-to-text and voice nav capabilities (2-29-2012)

Beyond Lucid Technologies CEO Jonathon Feit demonstrates the voice-to-text and speech recognition capabilities built into the MEDIVIEW platform for use by ...


The newly updated Prudential Carruthers iOS App as demoed on an iPad. Search for "Carruthers" in the iTunes App Store.

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