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ePCR is an application that lets health professionals fill their patient care reports directly on a digital device, thus accelerating the transfer of information between ambulances and health care facilities.The application is entirely FREE to use. No registration is needed. You can create as many reports as you need to. The patients information is stored on the mobile device.
The reports can be shared between android devices thanks to the Import/Export feature.
Reports can be exported to PDF which is a well supported file format.
Reports can also be sent to an arbitrary URL in order to store PCRs on an external database.
The main features are:- Patient information- Patient history- Chief Complaint- Vitals- Exam - Neuro - Trauma - Auto - Blunt - Penetrating - Fall - Burn - Gastrointestinal - Genitourinary - Obstetric/Gynecology/Field delivery - Muscular/Skeletal- Procedures - Airway - Basic - Invasive - Ventilator - CPAP/BiPAP - Suction - IV/IO - Splinting/Dressing - Medication - Spinal Motion Restriction - In/Out - ECG- Signatures- Call Info/No transport- Narrative- CPR timing- PDF Export- Import/Export reports from file- Send reports to external server